ZAC BROWN BAND Jekyll + Hyde

zac brown band new album review jekyll hyde


Zac Brown Band is easily one of the greatest bands to come out of country music in YEARS.  These guys have so much talent it’s unreal.  For instance take a song like “Toes” and compare it to “Highway 20 Ride”, it doesn’t get much different than that.  Now take their newest country hit “Homegrown” and compare it with their active ROCK hit “Heavy Is The Head” which features Chris Cornell!  These guys can do it all and they do it VERY VERY well.  This new album is no exception.  There is everything from hard rock to redneck country to Frank Sinatra style tunes on this record, all within the matter of an hours’ worth of music.

The album kicks off with the pop stylings of “Beautiful Drug”.  Not every album is perfect and if there is one song I could take out of this bunch, it would be the opening track.  Though it is creative, it just doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the album and leans a little bit too close to mainstream pop music.  However, the next track “Loving you Easy” quickly and easily redeems the album.  This is a great little up tempo track with a bit of Disco flavor involved.  “Homegrown” was easily the best choice as a lead single from the album as it sounds most like the normal Zac Brown Band song.  This is a great feel good song with lyrics such as “I’ve got everything I need and nothing that I don’t”.  Next is that Frank Sinatra-ish song I spoke of before, “Mango Tree” which features a guest verse from pop sensation Sara Bareilles.  The guest vocal provides such a cool dynamic to this track, easily one of my favorites on the album!

Next up is one of the best songs I believe Zac Brown Band has ever written. The hard rocking “Heavy Is The Head” features Chris Cornell and sounds better than almost anything else on the active rock charts at this time, in fact I believe this song just hit number one (Congrats Zac and company)!  The track features killer guitar riffs and a hook that is completely unstoppable!  Pay attention young rock bands, this is the kind of music that will get you noticed in the rock market!  “Tomorrow Never Comes” takes us through a roller coaster ride of what sounds like a Zac Brown and Mumford and Sons collaboration, in this case the collaboration couldn’t have been done ANY better, such a great introspective track!  “Dress Blues” is actually a cover tune, written and recorded by Jason Isbell.  This song details a soldiers life going to war and dying by IED and being shipped back in his “Dress Blues”.  “I’ll Be Your Man (Song For A Daughter)” is my favorite on the whole album, coming from a father of a little girl, this song really hits home.  I have listened to this one with the little one A LOT since I was sent the new album, this track really captures the beauty of having a little girl, well done Zac!

This album, as a whole, is ZBB’s best work yet!  I can’t say enough good things about this album. I love almost every song on the album and I am so glad to have this on my ipod!  Be sure to check this out!!     5/5   by David Rader