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 We As Human are an up and coming Christian rock band with amazing talent and great song writing abilities.  I knew as soon as I had heard “We Fall Apart” I just had to get my hands on this album!  This is a fantastic album with plenty of diversity and a couple of killer guest vocalists!  Starting off the album is the hard hitting “Strike Back”.  This is such a perfect way to start this album with a heavy in your face rock song,  “The bigger you are the harder you fall!!”. I think this track really shows off what lead singer Justin Cordle can do vocally with its huge chorus and great lyrics!  Next is “Dead Man” and this song is one of the MANY standouts on this record and just like the first track, has a huge chorus that will have crowd singing along to for years to come!  “Bring To Life” is the third track on the album and slows things down just a little bit and we hear Justin Cordle get away from his raspier vocals and take a more soothing approach here for the most part and it works perfectly and sounds great!  Starting with a mostly electronic intro and first verse is “Let Me Drown” which I can see being a future single.  This song would get tons of radio play and fans will love it!  The band picks things up a bit with the 5th track titled “Zombie” which features guest vocals from the one and only John Cooper of Skillet.  The pairing of Justin Cordle and John Cooper could not have worked better, this sounds awesome and John Cooper really adds to this heavy rocking tune, “WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP THE ZOMBIE!!”.  “We Fall Apart” is next and this is really where the band is at their best and sets themselves apart from other rock bands today.  This song is completely stripped down with acoustic guitar and strings in its chorus.  This song has a GREAT message and should really been listened to, not just heard.  Next is the best track on the album, in my opinion. “Take the Bullets Away” is a heavy and very groove oriented track which features a guest spot from Lacey Sturm who is the now ex lead singer of Flyleaf.  The best part about this track is the chorus which is very emotionally driven and heavy with lead singer Justin Cordle crying out “Am I worthless? Am I filthy? Am I too far gone for a remedy?”.  “Sever” is the next track with a HUGE opening riff and keeps a great pace throughout the song!  The last track on the album is “I Stand” and what a perfect way to end this album with these angry sounding vocals and lyrics with yet another great riff from guitarists Justin Forshaw and Jake Jones.

 This is such a great album that will do tons of great things for We As Human. They deserve much success and I believe they will achieve that once this album drops on 06/25/2013. They are on the Carnival Of Madness tour this summer/fall with Shinedown, Papa Roach, Skillet and In This Moment so be sure to check them out when the tour hits your city and learn every word to these songs before you see them!    5/5   (by David Rader)




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