THROWDOWN – Intolerance

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Throwdown is back!  Returning with their first album in four years, “Intolerance” is a mosh pit masterpiece!  With the albums “Deathless” and “Vendetta” proving Throwdown to be a huge force in the metal scene, “Intolerance”  expands on the band’s signature sound of mixing thrash guitar riffs with chugging rhythym lines and thought provoking lyrics.  First single “Avow” is sure to get the pit moving with a killer groove clocking in at a fast 2:11.  “A poison tide, corrosive and alive, rising to obliterate the weak. Anchored in spite, an upolluted mind, this covenant I’ve sworn to keep…’cause I avow”.  The album features top notch production by Dave Peters & Davey Warsop and was recorded and mixed by Chris “Zuess”  (Hatebreed, Crowbar, Demon Hunter) who collaborated on Deathless & Vendetta.  The real gems of the album are the core tracks “Defend With Violence”, “Suffer, Conquer” and “Cut Away” with their Pantera-like guitars & vocals that will have heads banging and devil horns raised everywhere.  Throwdown have reclaimed their spot in the metal scene with their new album “Intolerance”, a fast & furious collection of metal that will please any headbanger.  Get ready to mosh!!!     (Keeping the spirit of Pantera alive, we give this album a 5 out of 5)  -Michael Ervin

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