theory of a deadman savages album review

From the opening notes of “Drown” to the closing ring of “The Sun Has Set On Me”, every track on Theory Of A Deadman’s new album Savages breathes new life to their expanding catalog of fun, energetic songs, as well as powerful ballads meant to tug at our heart strings.  Opening the album is lead single “Drown”.  This track is such a great representation of what was to come for the rest of the album, they couldn’t have picked a better lead single.  Simply put, this is Theory Of A Deadman at their very best.  With big guitar riffs and catchy/creepy vocal melodies and lyrics, this song sets the tone for what is their best work to date.  Next up is “Blow” and after the killer opening track I would have hoped the next track would be even better.  However, this was not the case.  This track feels like it’s trying too hard to be funny and catchy, not their finest moment but a very small snag in an album full of killer tunes.  Next up is the
title track, “Savages”.  This is a  pretty cool and heavy track!  Alice Cooper is featured on this one, he has a spoken word part toward the end of the song that adds a very cool vibe to this song.  Track number 5, “Salt In The Wound” is my second favorite track on the album with lyrics painting a picture of a desperate, hurt man having a hard time getting over an ex.

The first ballad is a song called “Angel”.  This has a very cool dynamic to it, different from any of their past ballads.  This one is a long breakup song that just screams radio and could potentially be a huge single for the band.  I can just picture thousands of people singing along to this one live.  Next up is another little snag in the album called “Heavy”.  Though I’m sure this will be a cool live track, the lyrics just seem to be lacking.  This song is all about liking “Heavy” music. However, I will say this probably has the coolest riff on the whole album.  “Living My Life Like a Country Song” is not at all what I had expected it to be.  I was very weary of the title when the track list was released some time ago.  However, this is a great song. It has a very country vibe to it with some slide guitar and banjo in the background.  This one also features Joe Don Rooney of country giants The Rascal Flatts.  The lyrics are really cool here and I just love the feel of this song with all of the rock and country elements, very experimental on Theory Of A Deadman’s part.  “World War Me” is up next and starts out with a cool riff and vocalist Tyler Connolly singing “This is world war me, I will never find peace, I’m the only enemy” before busting into a big track with lots of killer riffing and heavy vocal phrasing.  Lastly, the albums closes with one of the best tracks this band has ever written, “The Sun Has Set On Me”.  The song starts out with the laughter of children before kicking into a very heavy riff and reminds me quite a bit of the opening track, “Drown”.  Very dark and creepy feeling with picturesque lyrics.

Overall this is Theory Of A Deadman’s best work to date!  Huge choruses and riffs galore, a few guest appearances and great lyrics make up one hell of an album.  Be sure to pick this up today and check these guys out on tour when they hit your town!   5/5  by David Rader