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saint asonia album review

ADAM IS HEAVIER AND MORE AGRESSIVE THAN EVER! Adam Gontier is back people!!  Heavier and more aggressive than ever!  Saint Asonia is his new band and man do these guys kill it with their self titled album!  Coming out of the gate with the lead single “Better Place”, I knew I would love this band.  [...]

Three Days Grace at the Brady Theater 05/11/13

Three Days Grace bassist Brad Walst, Tulsa OK

“TULSA OKLAHOMA!!” screamed Three Days Grace fill in singer Matt Walst as the opening notes of their newest hit “Chalk Outline” rang through the speakers of the Brady Theater. Coming out like a bull in a china shop, Three Days Grace hit the stage giving the crowd EXACTLY what they have come to expect from [...]

Three Days Grace @ Brady Theater 5/11/13

Three Days Grace


P.O.D. at the Brady Theater 05/11/13


“BOOM! Here comes the BOOM! Ready or not!”  If there is one thing P.O.D. did last night on 5/11/13 at the Brady Theater, it was bring the BOOM!  Taking the stage to their newest hit “Lost in forever” P.O.D. came like a freight train pummeling through the catchy chorus and rhyme heavy verses giving the crowd [...]

Three Days Grace fans at the Brady Theater 5/11/13

Three Days Grace at Brady Theater in Tulsa