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SEETHER – Isolate and Medicate

seether isolate and medicate

Seether’s new album “Isolate and Medicate” is a great listen and a journey.  The album takes us from the depths to the heights and back down again.  I’m glad I got this assignment  because I thought Seether was a pretty decent band with which to make my music critic debut.  But better than that, I [...]

SEETHER/10 YEARS at Cain’s Ballroom

seether at cains ballroom tulsa

We got the pleasure of covering the Seether and 10 Years concert last Sunday at Cains in Tulsa and it was a great show!  10 Years Is a must see live band!  They are amazing musicians and lead singer Jesse Hasek sounds spot on live!  I have seen them numerous times and they have yet to disappoint. [...]