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THROWDOWN – Intolerance

throwdown intolerance album review

Throwdown is back!  Returning with their first album in four years, “Intolerance” is a mosh pit masterpiece!  With the albums “Deathless” and “Vendetta” proving Throwdown to be a huge force in the metal scene, “Intolerance”  expands on the band’s signature sound of mixing thrash guitar riffs with chugging rhythym lines and thought provoking lyrics.  First [...]

Philip Anselmo & The Illegals at Cain’s Ballroom

philip anselmo at cains ballroom in tulsa

So I have officially come to the conclusion that we don’t NEED a Pantera reunion. Why you ask? Because Philip Anselmo and the Illegals, that’s why! Their live show completely blew me away! Phil is still so killer with his vocal performance and stage presence. This guy stalks the stage in the most angry and [...]