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HELLYEAH Blood For Blood interview

hell yeah interview

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH TOM MAXWELL MWMS:  You guys excited to play Rocklahoma this year? TOM:  Yeah!  We had a blast last time and it seems like the lineup is even bigger this time around! MWMS:  It keeps getting bigger every year!  Tons of great bands and lots of crazy fun people!  So how are things [...]

HELLYEAH Blood For Blood

hellyeah blood for blood review

BLOOD FOR BLOOD So HELLYEAH has been one of my very favorite bands.  From “You Wouldn’t Know” to “Nausea” this band had it all.  They had the metal world in the palm of their hands.  However, somewhere along the way I feel like they lost themselves.  Well people, crank up your stereo and get ready to [...]