SIXX A.M. Modern Vintage

sixx am modern vintage album review


I have always hated waiting on albums from bands I am a huge fan of.  Most bands take 1 ½ – 2 years to put out another record but then there are some who wait long periods of time, like Sixx AM.  These guys wait 3 or 4 years between albums and although I hate waiting, I am very glad they take their time to put out quality records.  Unlike the albums before it, Sixx AM’s Modern Vintage is not a “soundtrack” to a book written by bass player and main song writer Nikki Sixx.  With that said, this album is a lot different from their 2 previous albums.  I loved the fact that their previous albums told stories and had an underlying message.  However, that does not take away from how great this new album is.  They took a different route here and it pays off.

Kicking off the album is “Stars” and this is one of my favorite songs the band has ever written.  Vocalist James Michael has a lot of room to show off his vocal ability here and does so with great success.  Next is the lead single “Gotta Get It Right” and I have to say, I do not like this song at all.  I was VERY worried about this album when I first heard this track.  It’s much too poppy for the band who wrote “Life Is Beautiful”.  The 3rd track is titled “Relief” and it has a really cool vibe to it with huge chants in the background and a very strong chorus.  Now this is a return to form!!  “Get Ya Some” is a very experimental track with cool/fun vocals and a great little riff that keeps playing over this one.  The chorus could be a little stronger but overall this is one of the best songs on the album.  “Let’s Go” should be the opening track for their live shows, this just screams live hit!  Crowds will be in a frenzy when hearing James belt out “Its not the end of the world!”.  The riff on this one is my personal favorite on the album.  Guitarist DJ Ashba hasn’t really gotten to shine much on the album yet so this track was needed!

The band’s cover of the classic Cars song “Drive” is up next and this is one hell of a cover.  This sounds very much like Sixx AM and could easily be mistaken for an original song of theirs if it weren’t for the recognizable lyrics in the song.  James just continues to impress me on this record, his vocals shine all throughout this album and I cannot wait to hear him belt these out live.  “Hyperventilate” is a very poppy almost punk song that sounds very different for the band.  The chorus is the strongest part of this track, though the drums are simple here, they are very high in the mix and sound really great!  So, “Before Its Over” is a very difficult song to review.  It is a very odd song, especially for Sixx AM.  I guess the best way for me to explain it is “Chuck E Cheese music”.  It literally sounds like something you would hear the big mouse singing at Chuck E Cheese.  However, it is a cool track despite the odd musical direction.  I prefer listening to the piano version of this track, very heartfelt and a great ballad.  Not a lot of bands could pull this off but Sixx AM do so!  This is such a great album from one of the best bands of this generation.  Now that Motley Crue is on their farewell tour I really hope we start hearing more from these guys and start getting some proper tours!   by David Rader

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