SEVENDUST Interview with Lajon Witherspoon

sevendust tulsa interview


MWMS:  So how have things been going since we spoke last?

LJ:  Things are going great man!  We just pulled up to a new venue in Illinois.  We have been working really hard, just out on the road supporting our new acoustic album!  Now we are doing an electric run and having a lot of fun.
MWMS:  Ya man that acoustic album is so good!  Everyone loved your last live acoustic effort so I really think this is something the fans have been wanting to hear for quite some time.
LJ:  Oh ya they have definitely been asking for it.  It was really cool for us to get out from under the microscope and show our skills, ya know?  Not a lot of other bands can do awhole 2 hour acoustic set and still make it rock.  It was just really cool for us during the writing process.  These songs are just us, just a real band.
MWMS:  So tell me what are your favorite tracks on the record?
LJ:  Oh wow, all of them man!  Ya know the old ones sound new to me now.  I just love this whole album.  Everything is so fresh to me.
MWMS:  I think putting the acoustic version of Black on the radio was such an awesome move.  You don’t hear a lot of acoustic tracks on the radio.
LJ:  Ya it’s pretty hard to do.
MWMS:  How were the acoustic shows?  Do you prefer one over the other?
LJ:  To me, I don’t really even sit down.  I still stand up and rock it out.  It’s just a different vibe but the same energy as far as the live show.  It was really weird to see people moshing at a Sevendust acoustic set but it happened every night!  So it was really amped up energy.
MWMS:  You guys have had some acoustic tracks throughout the years, like “Angel Son” which is a favorite of the fans.
LJ:  Oh ya, tha’s a good one!
MWMS:  So you guys did the acoustic album, acoustic tour and now an electric run and I hear a live dvd with huge production is in the works.
LJ:  Ya that is still in the making.  We are planning on actually taking a little break and getting back to the house and family to be a daddy and husband for a minute and then start working on the new album! S o do y’all live close to Tulsa?
MWMS:  Ya man you have to make time for family, we just recently had a baby a week ago.  Yes we do!
LJ:  Oh my god man that’s the best time!  Congratulations.  We come to Oklahoma quite often and go eat at Eskimo Joe’s.  We have all the T shirts and Cups and stuff!
MWMS:  They have the best food !  Eskimo Joes should sponsor Sevendust!  So are you guys excited for the Tulsa stop of the tour?
LJ:  Ya for sure!  We always love playing at Cain’s.  There’s such great history there.  I love just going out to the floor when no one is there and just taking in the atmosphere.  Tulsa always treats us so well!  Can’t wait!


sevendust tulsa cains ballroom