saint asonia album review_


Adam Gontier is back people!!  Heavier and more aggressive than ever!  Saint Asonia is his new band and man do these guys kill it with their self titled album!  Coming out of the gate with the lead single “Better Place”, I knew I would love this band.  The track features such a heavy feel and killer vocal work from Adam.  Not only is Adam in the band, Mike Mushok of Staind is taking right side of the stage as lead guitar.  For those of you asking, no this band does not sound like Three Days Grace OR Staind.  This is its own separate and completely bad ass animal!  Two of the most talented guys in rock in one band is just awesome and it is completely different from anything else you’re going to hear on the radio this year and I love it.

I have been anxiously awaiting Adam to come back into the scene, though everyone was under the impression that he would be pursuing a solo career, this band is even better than the solo material that was released.  Adam has one of the most distinctive voices in rock and it really shines through on this album.  All of his work with Three Days Grace now seems like a warm up for what he was really meant to do, which is find and front Saint Asonia.  All of the heavy guitar work from Mike on this album is simply perfect, this man is so underrated and deserves to shine more.

The album kicks off with the lead single which we already talked about but the second track is called “Blow Me Wide Open.  This track opens with a killer riff from Mike before bass and drums join in and really kick the song into high gear as Adam’s vocals lay over the instrumentation. This track has one of the biggest chorus’ I have ever heard from Adam, so well written!  Next is one of my favorites from the album, “Let Me Live MY Life” features a KILLER riff and is going to be HUGE if it is ever released to radio.  Fans will be throwing their fists in the air at the live shows during this one !  There aren’t many ballads on the album but of the 2 that are here “Even Though I Say” is my favorite, love this song.  Great lyrics and amazing vocal melody as usual from Adam and this is my favorite ballad of his since “Never Too Late”.  The other ballad I mentioned is “Waste My Time” which is all acoustics and vocals and very little drums.  This is a great love song and everyone should sit down and really pay attention to the lyrics, beautiful song.

The last 2 tracks on the album are easily some of the strongest tracks on the effort.  The 1-2 punch starts with “Happy Tragedy, which I believe should be a single at some point.  This song just screams RADIO!  The chorus would go over really well on radio and in a live setting.  The last song on the album is “Leaving Minnesota”, which features some of my favorite lyrics ever from Adam.  Very stripped down and reserved track to end this killer album!  Go pick this up!    by David Rader