RED Of Beauty And Rage

red album review


Red, is one of the best bands out there right now, hands down.  Their sound is very unique, from the huge notes and screams from lead singer Michael Barnes to the crunch of the guitars and signature string sections, this band has created such an amazing wall of sound.  I feel like they may have stepped off path a bit with the previous album, “Release The Panic”.  However, once I read about “Of Beauty And Rage”, I was so excited to hear what they have come up with and I can say with absolute certainty that this is their BEST album to date.  The album opens up with a string section fit for any movie score, very epic and huge sounding leading into “Imposter”.  This is a great way to start this album, very moody and melodic in the coolest way possible, this is the Red I love.  The next track on the record is one of the heaviest and one of my personal favorites, “Shadow And Soul”.  Huge guitars and screams fill the air as the track builds and builds before breaking down to piano and Michael’s vocals.  The ending of the track is simply beautiful while the rest is chaotically awesome.  The next track is the lead single, which I cannot wait for people to hear.  This track could be huge for them!  The song is called “Darkest Part” and is very reminiscent of their first single ever, “Breathe Into Me”, which is the song that made me fall in love with them.  This track is sung with such power and passion and gives me chills and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.  “Of These Chains” should be a single from this album sometime, it has that signature Red ballad sound along with a few other elements that make it one of my favorite Red songs ever.  This track reminds me a lot of “Pieces” from their debut album, just a beautiful song calling out for help “I’m breaking free, but of these chains, oh let this one remain, let me take you when i go”.  “Yours Again” is also a single being released very soon and Michael sings it with such great conviction and passion, you will love this track.  “Gravity Lies” is half heavy and half melodic making a very cool dynamic in this song.  I just cannot get enough of the strings in this album, it adds such emotion to these tracks and it makes them that much better.  One thing i was disappointed about was the lack of that recognizable Red closing track.  Don’t get me wrong, “Part That’s Holding On” is epic in its own way, but it’s not what I expected in the closing track.  With songs such as “As You Go”, “Hymn For The Missing” and Take It All Away”, I expected something more experimental and epic.

With that said, I still stand behind my previous statement and believe this is their best album to date.  This band is ever evolving and I love every second of it.  “Of Beauty And Rage” drops on 02/24/2015 and the new singles “Darkest Part” and “Yours Again” drop on 02/03/2015.    by David Rader


red of beauty and rage