Pop Evil – Onyx

Pop Evil album review by Midwest Music Scene

Pop Evil are one of those bands that never really received the recognition they deserved, you would think with such great hits like “100 in a 55”, “Monster You Made” and “Last Man Standing” that they would have been shot straight to the top but unfortunately that just wasn’t the case, but all of that is about to change! Pop Evil’s latest offering “Onyx” which comes out 05/14/13 truly shows what this band is capable of, huge riffs, catchy chorus’ and killer lead vocals from Leigh Kakaty! This monster of an album kicks off in a perfect way, with “Goodbye My Friend”, really like how they have the bass up front and in your face here, the chorus is going to get stuck in the head, trust me! Next up we have “Deal with the Devil”, the lead chugging in this song is awesome, the title couldn’t be any more fitting as Leigh Kakaty sounds as though he just got out of a meeting with the devil himself, killing it on vocals on this one. Up next on the album is none other than the lead single “Trenches” with a killer lead riff breaking into some seriously uplifting lyrics about rising out of the “Trenches”, tons of people will find common ground with the band on this one and go check out the awesome video for this as well! “Torn to Pieces” is next, a song I feel is one of the bands best ballads they have ever written, just imagine the crowd at a show singing along to this one, lighters in the air and hearts heavy. A couple tracks later is the sure to be hit anthem “Beautiful”.  In my opinion this is where the album truly shines with heartfelt lyrics, great chorus and a great performance from the band as a whole on this one, truly hitting home with its heartfelt lyrics and deep meaning. “Sick Sense” is a few tracks later and wow did they ever hit it out of the park with this one!!! This Is the best track on the album, sure to be a future fan favorite at shows and on radio!! A little later we hit “Welcome to Reality”, very catchy chorus here, this is the kind of song that will really push Pop Evil to the next level.  Keep writing songs this good and you will be headlining larger venues in NO time at all! Lastly we come to the albums closing track “Flawed”.  The lead riff in this one really kicks you in the gut and doesn’t let up until the very end!!

What else can I say?! This is hard rock at its VERY best! I couldn’t have asked for a better album from these guys and I firmly believe this will shoot them straight into the level of stardom they have always been destined to be in. Be sure to catch them out on tour supporting “Onyx” as I’m sure they will be out on the road all year!!