papa roach interview

MWMS:  So how are things going?  I love the new record, it’s my favorite album from you guys!

JERRY:  Thanks man!  We are so stoked about it.  To be honest, we went out of our comfort zone but we really couldn’t be happier with the sound of it.  We had a huge battle over which songs were going to make the record.

MWMS:  This record is a lot more uplifting than “The Connection”.

JERRY:  Yeah I can see that.  There are a couple of dark spots but I think as a whole, the sound of it is pounding and heavy stuff.  More uplifting for sure.

MWMS:  I personally loved “Where did The Angels Go” from the last record and I was hoping to hear more stuff like that on this record and that’s exactly what I got!

JERRY:  Yeah man we are so stoked on it!

MWMS:  So are you guys excited for the tour with Seether?

JERRY:  We are very excited.  We are good friends with those guys.  From a fan’s point of view this is a really cool bill.  The openers Kyng and Islander are great bands.  We are closing every night but it is a genuine co headlining tour.  We will each get 60 minutes on stage a night and we can’t wait to play some new stuff.

MWMS:  My favorite track on the album is “Gravity” so tell me how that came about and how you guys got Maria Brink on the track.

JERRY:  We have wanted to do that for awhile but we could never agree on someone.  Then we found out that In This Moment were in the studio and it was a no brainer to ask her.  She has such a great voice and she was totally down with it.  Her and Jacoby sound great on that track.  Our producer Kevin Churcko recorded the vocals before Maria came in, just as a rough sketch, so it was kind of funny.

MWMS:  How was it working with Kevin?  Everything he touches is great.

JERRY:  It was great!  Very different experience for us.  We did the first 5 songs with Kevin and the other tracks with another producer.  Two different styles and methods, it was crazy but very interesting for us.

MWMS:  So will you guys be playing Rocklahoma this year?

JERRY:  Yeah man!  That is one of the ones we will be hitting.  That is such a great one and I am excited that it is not in the horrible heat, but I know that show will be great.  Everybody comes out to rock at that festival!

MWMS:  I can’t imagine playing at those European festivals in the middle of summer, that has to be so hot.

JERRY:  It’s actually not that bad man.  It’s not near as bad as Vegas or Phoenix!

MWMS:  So what is your favorite track on the album?

JERRY:  Gravity for sure!  It is such a dynamic song!  It has such a killer vocal and I am so proud of that track.

MWMS:  Well thanks for taking the time to talk to me today!  Can’t wait to catch up at Rocklahoma!

JERRY:  Yeah man we are looking forward to it.  Thanks for the interview!