Nickelback no fixed address tour


I truly cannot say enough good things about a Nickelback concert.  Everything from the production to the setlist and the witty banter between the songs is perfect.  This was my 3rd time seeing Nickelback and certainly will not be my last.  They came out on the “No Fixed Address” tour with all the makings of a huge party.  The band’s latest album, which the tour is named after, is a huge success with the hard rocking lead single “Edge Of A Revolution” and newest hits “Million Miles An Hour” and disco flavored “She Keeps Me Up”.  You would be hard pressed to find someone in the crowd that didn’t enjoy these newest Nickelback hits.

We were walking into the arena as openers Pop Evil were taking the stage.  They were the perfect support act for this show with the crowd eating up every track the band threw their way, especially their #1 hits “Trenches” and “Torn To Pieces”.  After Pop Evil there was about a 20 minute delay before Nickelback would be storming the stage.  I had been telling my girlfriend all night how she would have the time of her life at this show and the minute the band hit the stage she knew I was right!  The band kicked it into high gear with “Million Miles An Hour”, the opening song of this killer set with a huge video screen behind them and a top of the line lights show.  The crowd went INSANE when the band finished the first track and after a little fun between Chad and the crowd the band ripped into their hit “Something In Your Mouth” off of their “Dark Horse” album.  There were hands in the air and screaming everywhere when this one kicked in, showing you really cannot deny the power of a Nickelback show!

After the 2 hard rocking opening songs the band decided to slow it down with one of their biggest hits to date, “Photograph”.  I loved seeing the nostalgic pictures of the band flashing on the video screen behind them as they played.  They even showed a huge photo of local artist Garth Brooks on the video screen and the crowd erupted in cheers.  I had always wanted to hear Chad’s solo track live and the crowd was lucky enough to hear them for play it for us.  “Hero” has always been such a great track that has truly stood the test of time.

The party really started when the band brought out the T-Shirt cannons and cups of beer to toss into the crowd.  The band played bits of “Master Of Puppets” and “Walk” as the crowd all rushed to get a free shirt and beer!  A bit later the band played their newest hit “She Keeps Me Up” and personally I love this song and the direction they took it in, really cool to see them step out of their comfort zone like that and not something most bands are willing to do but they pull it off masterfully. “Rockstar” was easily one of the highlights of the night as it was difficult to hear Chad’s voice because the crowd was singing so loud!  The band closed out the night with a cover of the Foo Fighters “Everlong” sung by Ryan Peake (man the guy has a great voice!) and the band’s killer party tune “Burn It To The Ground”.  All in all, this was the best performance I have seen from Nickelback and I cannot wait to see them again!   by David Rader

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