NICKELBACK interview

Nickelback no fixed address tour


MWMS:  Hey!  What’s going on Mike?

Mike:  Oh just hanging out in paradise, Dallas, Texas!  I am on a tour bus, how much paradise can it be?

MWMS:  Haha!  Looking forward to seeing you guys in Tulsa.

Mike:  We love Tulsa!  Have had a great time there, maybe not always legal though!

MWMS:  We always love it when Nickelback comes to town.  So tell me how have things been going?  You are rising high on the success of your latest album “No Fixed Address”!

Mike:  Yeah we are having a great time back out on the road!  It has been a long time since we have been in America touring.  We were previously engaged in a global sense, everywhere except  America it seems like, so it’s nice to be home.  It is nice to not have to have an interpreter just to buy a coffee!

MWMS:  Well that depends on how far south you get!

Mike:  haha yeah especially the further down south and later at night it gets!

MWMS:  In terms of production, what are you guys doing on this tour?  You have had some massive stages and really cool production on previous tours.

Mike:  Well we tried to design a different look for a very long time and it is something we have never done before.  It is very different for us, the video component is more prominent and the light show is the best we have ever brought on the road!  We have made our way by being a live band, that’s how we came up.  No gig to small, no paycheck too small!  We realized how important it is to be a good live band very early on.  It is still us playing the same old songs and trying to make people have a good time!  You don’t want to be that band that sucks live.

MWMS:  So for the longest time it seems like it was the “cool” thing to hate on Nickelback and I’m sure you guys are well aware of this.  I mean you have this hugely successful band playing in front of thousands of people every night but apparently you get a lot of hate!

Mike:  Yeah it’s funny man!  We never really stop laughing up there.  We have always had fun at our shows and we know who we work for.  The thing I love the most about the hate is it is funny that you have a band that’s sold 50 million records and have had 30 number 1 songs but everybody hates them?  It is one of those situations where I’m like… hmm, I think someone is lying out there!  Haha!

MWMS:  You guys have always really done different things with your albums and it is such a great thing for the fans.

Mike:  Exactly, we try to do something different.  We are huge fans of Avenged Sevenfold, those guys are great.  We listen to a lot of them because it is never the same.  They are great in different languages of rock music.  They have great abilities and they are so damn good, they can trip up the stairs and a badass riff happens!

MWMS:  I feel the same about Nickelback, you guys have KILLER riffs!

Mike:  Most people only hear the stuff on the radio so I can’t blame them for the hate.  We have been writing heavy songs since the late 90’s!  People just don’t take out the time to seek those tracks.

MWMS:  What can we expect in terms of the setlist for the new show?

Mike:  Well we have tried to realize what everyone’s favorite song is.  I mean the fans come out to hear the hits so that’s what we like to play.  We just throw a couple new songs in there but we keep it to the hits.  If you are a band with hits and you don’t play them live then people are going to stop coming to your shows.  You HAVE to play the hits for the fans, that’s why they buy the tickets!  But I do respect the artists that go out there and don’t just play hits!

MWMS:  I completely agree. You have to play the hits or you are just spinning your wheels going nowhere.  Well, that’s all I have for you.  Thank you so much for doing this for us today.  Can’t wait for the show in Tulsa!