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Have you ever been to a show of an artist who you are not a fan of?  I have done this often and most of the time, my opinion still stands.  I am a music critic at heart and that will never change.  Some think I have horrible taste and others may agree with me.  However, I was never a fan of Luke Bryan because he fell into the “pop” category for me.  I could never accept the fact that country music was changing and Luke Bryan was one of the ones leading this charge.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert but artists such as Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line always made me cringe when I heard them on the radio.  I liked a few of Bryan’s songs but I really just never could understand the appeal of his music and image.  That was until I went to his show in Tulsa a few days ago. With that said, I was still very wary walking into that arena to see an artist I knew I wasn’t very fond of.  My girlfriend was very excited to see Luke, but come on, what girl isn’t a fan of him?  Surprisingly enough, there were just as many men as there were women at the show!  I didn’t feel so alone after all.  Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser made for some great opening acts with Dustin’s party vibe and Randy’s undeniably huge vocals, they really tore the place down!

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As soon as the lights went down and the music started playing (which was a Muse song by the way) we all stood to our feet and awaited Luke’s arrival on stage.  The music stopped and we heard Luke say “Kick The Dust Up” and then the music to his newest single kicked in and Luke emerged from the middle of the catwalk from under the stage.  The crowd went INSANE when they saw Luke.  Hands were up in the air and screams were louder than ever.  He ran around the stage like a mad man, dancing, singing and interacting with the crowd like a true professional.  The music was super loud and Luke’s vocals were even louder and he sounded almost perfect all night long.  He and the band ran through a setlist of all the hits and fan favorites.  The crowd sang almost every word to every song, they simply could not get enough.  He could have played all through the night and the crowd would have stayed and enjoyed every second.  It
was really cool to see him, Dustin and Randy all on stage together singing “Tulsa Time” and other massive pop and country hits.  In the middle of his set I realized, I am now a fan of Luke Bryan.  He is one hell of a performer and a very genuine guy.  His songs were so much fun to hear and see live.  I apologize I am not going into more detail regarding the stage set up or setlist but I wouldn’t want to run those surprises for anyone!  This is not a show to be missed, between the 3 performers you will see, this show is near perfect and worth every penny you will spend on it.   by David Rader

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