jason aldean old boots new dirt album review


Besides the legends such as George Strait and Garth Brooks, country music does not get much better than Jason Aldean.  This man has had such a huge and rewarding career in country music and it only continues to grow for him.  He has went from playing in clubs and dives to theaters and convention centers to massive arenas and now stadiums!  It doesn’t get much better or bigger than headlining football or baseball stadiums.  However, Jason has earned every single ounce of recognition he has gained since the start of his career.

With huge hits such as “She’s Country”, “My Kinda Party”, “Dirt Road Anthem”, “Hicktown”, and now his massive new single “Burnin it down”, there is no slowing him down.  I have been really excited to hear his new album “Old Boots, New Dirt” since it was first announced and I haven’t stopped listening since I got it.  From the opening track of this album “Just Gettin Started” to the closing track “Two Night Town”, this is without a doubt, his best album to date.  The opening track I mentioned is such a fantastic song, probably my favorite on the entire album. It has a very cool vibe to it that will make you want to bob your head.  Can’t wait to hear this one live!  Up next is “Show You Off”, and this is what I can only assume will be a huge single from the album. This track is just fun to listen to and has that vibe of his earlier hits.

One thing I have noticed on this album is the very apparent use of synths and electronic beats which is very experimental for him but it works so well with his signature sound.  Next is the single everyone already knows, “Burnin It Down”.  Speaking of the single, I was very torn when I first heard it because it is so different from anything I have heard from him before but over time I have learned to love this track.  “Trying To Love Me” is next and is quite possibly the best ballad Jason has ever cut.  The lyrics on this song will strike a chord with so many people and this one will tear up the charts very soon I’m sure.  This album has so many tracks and I have great things to say about every single one of them but I have to do some skipping around here. So the next track I wanted to touch upon is “ Too Fast”.  This song has such great lyrics, HUGE props to the writers on this one.  It has a great message and tons of feel to it.  Love all the piano and blues guitar playing in the background of the verses and this has to be my favorite chorus on the album. If I had to pick 2 songs from this album to suggest to people it would be this one and the opening track. “If My Truck Could Talk” is not your typical lets go driving and party song you hear on the radio.  This song has a really cool dynamic.  Basically Jason is saying if his truck could talk he would be in a lot of trouble because his truck has seen him at his worst.  Great track!

After all of the negative press regarding the scandal Jason was involved in with his now ex wife, one could have imagined there would be a song or 2 on the new album about it.  I believe he chose to cut the next 2 tracks because of the whole ordeal.  The first in the pair is “Don’t Change Gone”, basically saying there is nothing he can do to change the fact that she is gone and has moved on, one of the best tracks on the album.  The second of the 2 is “Miss That Girl”.  Obviously this song is about missing that special someone and this track will be a go to after a fresh break up for anyone.  Lastly we have “Two Night Town”.  This is kind of a different track for Jason, a very self-reflective track with a great message behind it.  Overall, this is such a fantastic album and it does not get much better than this!   5/5  by David Rader