hinder interview_


MWMS:  Hey man how’s it going?

Cody:  Going great!  Looking forward to getting this album out there!

MWMS:  So Tell me about the changes within the band recently?

Cody:  With Nolan, we never made an official announcement that he was our new lead singer.  We weren’t sure at that point who would take over.  But for whatever reasons, Nolan wasn’t right to take over.  But we have been working with Marshall forever, he is one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever met.  It’s just time for us to be happy and make music!

MWMS:  I love the new single!  Was the band not happy at the end with Austin?

Cody:  It was a tough deal, we were all pretty miserable and depressed.  We just realized how different everything was and how much happier we were with someone else.  We had to decide whether to call it quits or make the change and move on.  We had fans reach out and tell us to make the change so we did and here we are!

MWMS:  I read a press release where you said you guys were labeled as a party band but this review shows so much more than that.  From what I gather from just listening to “Hit The Ground”, the song speaks about your experiences with Austin.  Am I right?

Cody:  That’s exactly right!  We have lived every line in that song!  It really hits home for us and that was one of the reasons why that was the first single.  We have learned that you can take the party stuff too far and we always do really good to keep each other in check.

MWMS:  That’s awesome man!  So I see you guys are coming to the Vanguard, are you touring soon?

Cody:  We are keeping it low key until the album drops.  We love playing smaller venues so we can’t wait for The Vanguard! We are looking forward to touring!

MWMS:  Well that’s all I have for you today!

Cody:  Thanks a lot man!  Everybody be on the lookout for the album in May!


hinder new band photo