HELLYEAH Blood For Blood

hellyeah blood for blood review


So HELLYEAH has been one of my very favorite bands.  From “You Wouldn’t Know” to “Nausea” this band had it all.  They had the metal world in the palm of their hands.  However, somewhere along the way I feel like they lost themselves.  Well people, crank up your stereo and get ready to throw down because HELLYEAH IS BACK!!!  Not only back, but man are they stronger than ever!  The new album “Blood For Blood” is a monster of an album.  As soon as the title track kicks in you know you’re in for one hell of a ride and the song is out now so go check it out if you haven’t yet.  The second track on the album is a slammer called “Demons In The Dirt”.  Listen to this just ONE time and you will quickly be singing along and banging your head.  Both heavy and catchy, “Demons” as guitarist Tom Maxwell calls it in our interview with him (check that out HERE), starts out with a killer riff and a huge scream from front man Chad Grey.  Some pretty cool vocal experimentation from Chad on this track!  “Moth” is a song that really takes me back to the Mudvayne days, very melodic and lyrically deep.  The chorus is made to be played in huge arenas, “Like a moth to a flame, my wings burn away”.  This is one of the many standouts on the album.  Next up is my favorite heavy track on the album, “Cross To Bier”, which is also out on itunes right now.  LOVE the vocal melody of this song, Chad does a great job here and this is one to crank up in the car.  In the song “Gift” it sounds to me like they are speaking straight to the fans saying this album is a gift to us, which it truly is.  It’s a pretty heavy song and will be a fun one to hear live for sure.  “Hush” is a song I feel could potentially be a HUGE single for the band.  Tom told me he was scared to show the song to the guys because the chorus has a pop element to it but it works so perfectly in the mix of this track.  This one will hit you emotionally like a freight train and have you singing along and bobbing your head to the chorus.  It’s a very different kind of song for these guys, especially the tribal like drums, but completely killer!  “Hell is where I was born, hell’s where I was raised, this hell is where I’m from and this hell is where I’ll stay”.  The next track is possibly the band’s heaviest song.  It’s called “Say When” and DAMN does it kill!  From Vinnie Paul’s amazing drum intro to the angry lyrics and heavy guitar tone here this will be a pit starter for sure.  The last track is what I feel like is one of the band’s best songs to date, “Black December”.  It’s a slower one but a perfect way to end the album.  The lyrics deal with how December is supposed to be such a great month of celebration but underneath lie tragedies and sadness.  It’s a very cool take on the month of December and I think the fans will love this song.

This is HELLYEAH’s defining moment as a band and hands down their best album to date.  This is such an honest album and you can tell the guys put their heart and soul into the making of this record.  If you have yet to give HELLYEAH a chance, now is the time to do it.  Do yourself a favor and pick up this album when it drops on June 10th.     by David Rader

hellyeah blood for blood review

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