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The song that first turned us onto Green Death was the killer 6 minute epic “The Devil’s Hand/Bathed In Black”.  This song has it all – cool intro riff, chugging guitars, catchy melodic chorus and cool breakdowns.  Grab your headphones and give this song a spin and we think you’ll be hooked.  Green Death are a classic thrash band that sound like a cross between Testament, Anthrax and Type O Negative with a little Iron Maiden influence thrown in there that you can here on the track “Unending Visions”.   How often do you see a really cool, original album cover these days?  Green Death’s album cover for “The Deathening” harkens back to the 80′s and 90′s when a cool album cover would jump out at you and make you buy the record on the artwork and design alone.  The band believes that everything they put out should be the best that it can be, which is why they chose to work with the amazing Eliran Kantor for the cover artwork.  Eliran has painted album covers for Testament, Hatebreed, Iced Earth, Sodom, GWAR and many others and they also heavily work with Mark Rudolph of Decibel Magazine and Metal Hammer for other artwork and images including the soon to be released, first ever Green Death comic book.   Just check out the cool tentacle photo below and watch the “Split The Skies” video for footage of how they did it.  Green Death was formed in 2012 by vocalist Sol Bales and guitarists Erich Tran and Mark “Sparky” Reinking and the band has released 2 EP’s (Dawn of the Death and Death Monks), five music videos and the new full length cd/dvd combo titled “The Deathening” which charted at #68 on iTunes upon it’s release.   “The Deathening” is an amazing 14 song journey through the genres of metal, thrash metal and death metal.  Standout tracks include “Split The Skies”, “Skeleton Man”, “The Devil’s Hand/Bathed In Black”, “Unending Visions” and the song “Possessions” that features original Slipknot vocalist Anders Colsefni performing guest vocals.  How cool is that?  Green Death has gone all out with this release.  As we stated earlier, “The Deathening” comes with a dvd that includes 5 music videos and a 30 minute deathumentary that contains an interview with the band, behind the scenes studio footage and live performance clips.  The interview includes interesting facts about the band like how they were almost called Grisly Death but ultimately decided on the name Green Death because it sounded like a classic thrash metal band name.  Green Death have opened for some big names including Philip Anselmo, Trivium, Devil Driver, Soulfly and Warbeast.  Their live shows are intense, theatrical, and where the band is at it’s best.  2014 is the year the band plans on touring heavily to spread the Deathening throughout the U.S. and beyond!

green death tentacles

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