godsmack 1000hp album review

I was VERY excited when I heard Godsmack was back with a new single and an album coming soon.  I have loved all of their past albums dearly.  They have always written some very big songs, not just big in popularity but in scope.  From songs like “I Stand Alone”, “Faceless”, “Cryin Like a Bitch” all the way to “Serenity”, they have always delivered quality tunes and great live shows.  The band headlined Rocklahoma a few years back and I remember how well all of their material translated live.  It was such an amazing experience that I won’t soon forget.  Then enters their new single “1000 HP”.  I was very disappointed with this single and was scared this was the direction they were headed.  The instrumentals in this song are about as killer as it gets but those lyrics really didn’t fit the Godsmack I know and love.  So, when the album was sent to me for review I was very weary of the rest of the tracks.  However, once I got past the first track which is “1000 HP”, I was PLEASANTLY surprised by what came blasting through my headphones.  I was very scared by the name of this next song as I thought it would be reminiscent of the opening track, however, this was not the case.  This track is called “FML” and it is such a huge kick in the chest from the time the first verse hits.  This song has a killer chorus, very good verses and I can’t help but bob my head when this track comes on.

“What’s Next” is easily one of my favorite songs on the album.  If it were my choice, this would have been the first single.  This has everything I know and love about Godsmack.  Huge guitars and a soaring chorus that you want to sing along with.  “In death, life, what’s next?  The only thing certain is death” vocalist Sully Erna cries out.  Next is a long epic track about how technology has taken over the world called “Generation Day”.  This has a killer vibe to it and is sure to make you roll down the windows and blare this one!  Loving the huge, epic instrumental midsection in this song.  “Living In The Gray” comes in a couple tracks later with a pretty strong message i can see a lot of people relating to.  Sully sings about how he doesn’t fit in anywhere in this track, saying how not everything is black and white and he lives in the gray.  “Nothing Comes Easy” has the coolest verses of any song on this album.  The guitar played over the vocal melody is badass and makes me want to start a mosh pit with anyone around me.  This track better be played live, this will be a HUGE track for them eventually.  The last track on the album is titled “Turn To Stone” and is my favorite song on the entire album.  I have had nothing but good things to say about this album, except for the title track, obviously.  This song is such a visceral listening experience and goes back to tracks such as the great “Voodoo”, with congo like drums and a clean guitar riff played over Sully’s huge vocals.  This song should be played live as well.  Play this back to back with “Voodoo” and the crowds will go INSANE!

Simply put, this is Godsmack at their very best.  This is the bands finest work to date.  They have really outdone themselves here.  All of the tracks fit in perfectly within the album which makes for one hell of a listening experience.  Be sure to catch Godsmack live as they headline the Rockstar Uproar Festival kicking off August 15th!    5/5    by David Rader

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