gemini syndrome album review

I have been following this band for about a year and a half now ever since Roxy from Hard Drive mentioned them in her daily news column.  The first song I heard was “Basement” and I thought it was killer and that was just from an EP that wasn’t very good quality!  I have been anxious to hear their full length ever since I heard the EP and let me tell you, these guys DELIVERED!  This album kicks off in a big way with their first official single titled “Pleasure and Pain”.  This is a kickass song with a driving riff and soaring vocals from lead singer Aaron Nordstrom.  Next up is the re-recording of “Basement” and it sounds HUGE now!  Kevin Churko did an amazing job on this album making sure every single track just sounds gigantic.  Next is one of my personal favorite songs from the album and also from the old EP, this song is titled “Resurrection”.  The song kicks off hard and never stops hitting you from start to finish and Aaron’s vocals really set it off with the scream/clean play throughout.  Another single from the album released only a few weeks ago is titled “Stardust”.  Again, these guys show us just how great of musicians they are, everything from the guitar to the bass and drums just kill it on this whole record.  Next is personally my favorite song titled “Mourning Star”, starting out HEAVY and eventually slowing down into a ballad type of song that really shows off what Aaron is capable of vocally.  I hope to hear this one live soon!  My second favorite track is titled “Left Of Me” and sounds like it could be a FFDP song and in no way is that a bad thing!  With very heavy guitar and huge drums this song will be a live favorite!  Another one of the re-recorded tracks from the EP is titled “Take This” and starts with clean guitar and Aaron really paints some vivid imagery with his lyrics on this one.  I’m loving the lyrics throughout the whole album.  I also want to mention the song “Syndrome” because of the killer riff and chilling vocals by Aaron.  These guys are really good at making you feel what they are saying!

GO PICK UP THIS ALBUM NEXT WEEK!!!  This album comes out on Sept 10th and I know I’ll be picking one up!!  One of my favorite albums of this year so far!!!    5/5   (David Rader)

gemini syndrome ablum review