GARTH BROOKS Man Against Machine

garth brooks man against machine album review

The man is BACK!!!  Oklahoma native Garth Brooks is back and stronger than ever with his first studio album since 2001′s Scarecrow.  Garth announced his new album at a HUGELY anticipated media conference in July of this year.  We were told that there will be cowboy songs and a song that rivals his personal favorite song “The Dance”.  Ever since the news, fans and critics were all waiting on pins and needles for tour dates and more information regarding the new album.  Brooks announced his first tour stop to be in Chicago in September.  When the first show started selling out quickly, 10 more were added.  This was a sign of good things to come for Garth on his comeback tour.  Now, he is almost 3 months into the tour and is selling out massive arenas 2,3,4,10 nights in a row!  No other living artist could pull off such a feat.  The first single from the album was “People Loving People” which is a great song, however, one can’t help but wonder as to why it was chosen as the albums lead single.  In an album full of soon to be hits and classics, People Loving People is one of the weaker tracks on the album.  I personally, was hoping to hear “Tacoma” as the first single.  I was very excited to hear the album in full as I had heard demos of some songs sung by the people who wrote the new tunes.  The album kicks off with the title track “Man Against Machine”.  This track oozes with rock n roll and the kick ass country sound we all expect from Garth while he sings his heart out about standing up against the “machines”.  In this particular case, the “Machines” are the record labels and music execs.  On tracks like “Rodeo and Juliet” and “Fish”, Brooks takes us back to much simpler times with upbeat songs that will be great in a live setting.  The best songs on the album are the ones that were really meant to touch us in some way.  These are “Mom”, “Send Em On Down The Road” and “Tacoma”.  All 3 of these songs will hold a special place with listeners.  Anyone with children should have tissues ready when listening to the first 2.  “Tacoma” is the last track on the album and Garth always puts his favorite songs on the end and this was no exception.  “Tacoma” is hands down the best song on this album full of great songs. “Tacoma” has so much heart and a bluesy/R&B feel to it, it would be very difficult to find a flaw with this one.

Garth Brooks has always and will always be the champ of country music.  No one else in the genre can do it with the same conviction and heart that Brooks does.  Our savior is here and ready to take his throne back!!!    by David Rader

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