FIGHT OR FLIGHT – A Life By Design?

fight or flight album review by midwest music scene

So since Device was formed I was really interested to know if the other guys in Disturbed were going to cook something up. I knew Bassist John Moyer was in Adrenaline Mob playing bass but hadn’t heard anything about the other two guys until a press release a couple months ago announcing Fight or Flight! Fight or Flight consists of Disturbed lead guitarist Dan Donegan, Disturbed drummer Mike Wengren and Evans Blue lead singer Dan Chandler. I would have never thought this would make for a good combination but after hearing this album I was VERY surprised. This is a killer album with great grooves and hooks throughout and some songs I’m sure will be blowing up rock radio soon! The album starts off with the lead single “First of the Last” which features a killer riff and some soaring vocals from Mr. Chandler. I have always liked Evans Blue mostly due to the vocal performance so it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of the vocals on this one as well. Next up is one of my favorites on the album, “Emphatic”.  This track slows things down a bit but not too much and keeps a great tempo throughout with some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard from Dan. A few tracks later comes hands down the best track on this album, “Leaving”.  Mostly an acoustic ballad, this song pulled me in and would NOT let me go, I have had this track on repeat since I got the album last week and can say with certainty that this is one of my favorite tracks of the year so far and I can’t wait to hear this one live! Next we hit another standout “If It Hurts”, coming through with a hard hitting riff from Dan Donegan, this song really shines with a pretty catchy chorus and fun verses! “You Refuse” is next and I was 99% sure when I first heard the intro to this song that it was a cover of  the Disturbed hit “Down with the sickness”.  The drums, the guitar, it all sounded like that song for a few seconds, nevertheless this is a great song and one of the many standouts! A couple tracks later is “A Void”.  This song starts off with Chandler crying out “Its Life By Design!”  with a pretty cool drum intro from Mike Wengren until Donegan comes in and does a little solo over the drum track and breaking it into a pretty dark, but great, song!  “Shine” starts out acoustically with Chandler singing out “How could you take away a life so young? You know it don’t seem right. God just got an angel tonight”  before kicking into some heavy guitars and then slowing back down a bit for the verses, probably my second favorite song on this album. Lastly is “Tragedy” which starts off with a killer intro and some of my favorite vocals I have ever heard from Dan Chandler, great way to end this album!

This is such a fantastic album. This sounds nothing like Disturbed, except for how I mentioned earlier, so don’t expect to listen to Disturbed 2.0 here. This is a whole other beast of its own and I really hope this isn’t the only album we get from these guys! Catch these guys on tour when they come to your city and go out and buy “A Life By Design?” out today!    5/5   (David Rader)

Fight or flight album review by midwest music scene

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fight or flight album review