Brian Davis interview

brian davis interview


MWMS:  Thanks so much for talking to us today!  We have been big fans of your for a long time.  So tell me, when do you start the tour with Brantley Gilbert?

Brian Davis:  Actually we start out in Texas in just 2 weeks from now.  Cedar Park is the first date.

MWMS:  That’s coo l man.  I know the next date is Tulsa, which is where we are at.  We can’t wait to see you guys roll through here!  The first time I was exposed to you was the last time you were in Tulsa with Brantley.  You threw your latest album “Under The Influence” into the crowd and I caught it and  have listened to it countless times over and over!  My girlfriend loves “Lights Of MY Hometown” and “ Against The world”.  So speaking of Lights Of My Hometown, you have helped write some pretty massive songs.  How do you and Brantley Gilbert decide who gets to cut which songs?

Brian Davis:  Haha oh really?  That is awesome!  Thanks for taking it home and listening to it brother.  Its funny, when Brantley and I write together we come from the same head space.  They always seem to start out where either of us could cut them but at some point in the writing it will take a shift in either my way or more Brantley’s way.  Occasionally we will have a song like “Lights OF MY Hometown” that kind of fits in both of our worlds really well.  So at that point, we both just smile and say why don’t we just both kill it.  I mean Waylon and all those boys did it back in the day so why not?  I have a song Brantley and I wrote together called “It’s About To Get Dirty” and I was going to put it on my record but in the long run we decided to save it for Brantley’s next record after “Just As I Am”. We are such good friends that we both support each other very much.

MWMS:  That’s awesome that you guys can do that man.  I remember listening to your latest record and thinking that “Lights OF My Hometown” would be a HUGE single for you.

Brian Davis:  Actually that was one that I cut before he did and it was out and it started growing and gaining a ton of momentum and we had to tell radio stations to stop playing it because we wanted to save it for Brantley.  I believe that is going to be a massive hit for him.  All in all that song was made for him.

MWMS:  How does it feel to write a song and hear someone else singing it on the radio?  That has to be very humbling.

Brian Davis:  It definitely is and when I am on the road I am always writing.  I get that high from being on stage and then run to the bus and go to the back lounge and start writing.  Jason Aldean just cut a song we did together for his new record and Lee Brice has a new one we wrote together on his new record as well.  It is just such a great feeling writing something and seeing someone grab a hold of it and you just know it is going to blow up.  The Jason Aldean song is called “Too Much You For Me”.  It is a bonus track on the Target deluxe edition.

MWMS:  Country music has changed so much over the years and now we have Garth Brooks coming back.  His tour starts tonight!  So how do you think his comeback is going to affect country music as we know it now?

Brian Davis:  Man I’ll tell you what, country has changed in terms of song writing but the morals are always there.  I always make sure there’s moral content to what we do.  I could not be happier about seeing a guy who changed the face of country music and did it with such class and poise in only a way Garth could have done it.  You look back at some of his stuff like “We Shall Be Free”.  Things like that had such spirit and then we have “Friends in Low Places”, he covered every spectrum.  I just heard his newest single “People Loving People” and it’s such an anthem about us as a people being the solution to the problem.

MWMS:  Ya man I think his comeback is going to be great for country music.  So there is this big thing going on now with the way some girls feel they are portrayed in country music.  So now we have this song by Maddie and Tae called “Girl In A Country Song”.  How do you feel about that?

Brian Davis:  When I heard that, from a songwriters standpoint I though that it was brilliant.  Historically women have had a lot of trouble busting through in country music and it’s not a sexist thing.  Us guys can go out and play honky tonks and get a great reaction but most female artists simply do not get the respect they deserve!  But then we have artists like Miranda Lambert who came out guns blazing and everyone took her very seriously, as they should.  With Maddie and Tae they have the same fire.  I am very happy to see that doing so well on the charts right now.

MWMS:  It takes a ton of bravery to put out a song like that. It basically goes against everything else on the radio right now, in terms of lyrical content.

Brian Davis:  What’s cool man is that we have this thing called “meet and drinks” before every show where we bring people on the front lounge of the bus and we get to hangout and meet fans and just from a dress perspective some of these girls are dressed exactly how they are explained in country songs and I think amen!  As a dude you can’t help but look when you see something like that and it’s great for country music.

MWMW:  So when can we expect a new album?

Brian Davis:  Funny you ask, I just walked into the studio and I can see my engineer over there working on that right now.  We hope to have it done before the start of the tour!  I am going to be playing some new stuff on the tour man!  We will leak a few things out.  Our true bosses are our fans and we can leak things out when we want man!

MWMS:  So what are you excited about most for the tour?

Brian Davis:  Man this might sound so cliché, but it’s the truth.  My favorite part is always meeting the fans.  I love meeting, talking to and hanging out and having a cold beer with them all.  I love having all of these great experiences and I always take them back to the writing room with me.  The fans are really the life blood of these songs.  It is never a dull moment with Brantley, I love going out on tour with him.  We write together almost every single day while on tour.  After getting off stage we just feel invincible and that translates to the paper.

MWMS:  Ya man, seeing him is always such a great time!  He puts on one of the best shows in country music today.  What’s cool about this tour though is he is bringing out Aaron Lewis of Staind.  I love his country album!

Brian Davis:  Actually I had the privilege of doing the Jager tour with him right after our last run with Brantley.  Me and the boys went down south for some vacation after the shows and we got a call telling us that Aaron Lewis wanted us to go out with him.  I mean Aaron Lewis of Staind asked us to go out with him!  So I called the boys and we turned right around and got back on the bus and went out!  His acoustic set blows my mind!  I mean how can you not like him?!

MWMS:  It’s great man, he is just a good ol’ country boy.

Brian Davis:  He really is man!  I mean you really think you’re country until you sit down with him for a few minutes.  Then you watch him live and he is just great.  I watched his live Staind DVD and he is just a force to be reckoned with live, he covers the full spectrum.

MWMS:  Well man, that’s all I have for you.  We cannot wait to see you and Brantley roll through Tulsa!  We are all super excited for it!

Brian Davis:  We are looking forward to Tulsa man!  Can’t wait to hit the road!

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