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There are seriously no other bands quite like Black Label Society.  But what else would you expect from a band that features a guitar god like Zakk Wylde?  Their new album “Catacombs of the Black Vatican” follows the hotly successful “Order Of The Black” which was my personal favorite until I heard the new one.  This album is one big song after another.  Kicking things off the right way is “Fields Of Unforgiveness” which starts out perfectly with tons of squeals coming from the fingers of the guitar god.  This song is slower paced but very heavy in it’s own right and a very cool tune!  “My Dying Time” is the lead single from the album which starts out with a cool little clean riff before kicking into the head banger of the year!  I for one cannot wait to see this one played live at Rocklahoma in May!  The 3rd track “Believe” is one of the coolest songs I think the band has written thus far.  Like the album opener, this one too is slow paced but heavy enough to command your attention throughout the song with killer vocals from the man himself with a fun riff that is sure to please any BLS fan.  Any album is not complete without a ballad and “Angel Of Mercy” really shows off Zakk’s vocal skills here.  I have never heard his voice sound so damn beautiful (yes I said beautiful and Zakk Wylde in the same sentence).  The lyrics in this song will be sure to strike home with any of it’s listeners.  Moving along, could the riff be any more killer in “Beyond The Down”?!!!  As soon as this track kicks in I want to start banging my head!  My personal favorite track on Catacombs is “I’ve Gone Away”.  I will be blaring this over and over in the car on full blast.  The palm muted riff here just kicks things off so perfectly and sets up for a huge chorus!  Album closer “Shades Of Gray” is a great way to end this album with a catchy chorus and melody and some very soulful lyrics, another great track!   “Catacombs of the Black Vatican” will be released on 4/18 with special autographed copies available for pre-order and don’t forget about the extra cool vinyl edition!   4/5   by David Rader 

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BLS brand new video for “My Dying Time”!

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