alter bridge wp1

This band KILLS it with EVERY release.  They have only gotten better with each album and their newest release “Fortress” continues this same pattern in such a HUGE way from Myles’ vocals to Tremonti’s amazing guitar work, this album has it all.  They kick it off with “Cry Of Achilles” which starts out with a beautiful acoustic intro before kicking into heart stopping riffage from the man himself, Mr. Mark (guitar god) Tremonti and who could forget to mention Myles Kennedy’s amazing vocal work on this track?  By far the best opener of any Alter Bridge album.  Next is the album’s first single, “Addicted To Pain” which is probably the bands catchiest single to date and THAT RIFF!  The band really went all out on this album!  The song “Lover” is a great track that slows things down a bit but does not make the album lose any of its constant intensity.  One of my favorite tracks on the album is “The Uninvited”.  Seriously every time these guys pick up their instruments pure gold falls out and that is showcased amazingly on “The Uninvited”.  This track has it all from a catchy chorus to some seriously heavy riffing to some killer drums as well!  Next is one of the best tracks I believe the band has ever written, “Calm The Fire”.  It’s right up there with “Blackbird” and Rise Today” (yes these are personal favorites).  Everything about this track  makes me love it and the band is at the top of their game here.  Another personal favorite is the next track titled “Waters Rising” simply because Mark Tremonti takes lead on vocals here and I really enjoy his voice.  Don’t get me wrong, Myles is such an amazing vocalist but Tremonti just makes this one perfect in every way.  Lastly is the album’s title track.  This is a big epic closer with soaring vocals and a HUGE chorus that has some of the bands best lyrics to date.  This is the PERFECT way to end the album.

Go pick up this album!  It’s such a masterpiece and the talent in this band is amazing.  I can’t wait to catch these guys on tour soon.  5/5