3 DOORS DOWN at Brady Theater

3 doors down concert review


Every single time I see 3 Doors Down it seems like they get better and better.  Their musicianship seems to grow as well as their on stage performance.  With the addition of the new members, especially Chet Roberts, the band has soared to new heights in their live show.  However, this show was not all about 3 Doors Down as it was a co-headlining tour with Seether and Oklahoma boys Aranda opened the show.  Aranda is one of those bands that is a real treat to see live, their music is great and those dudes can freakin’ SING!  Also, the ending of their show is always awesome, I mean come on, who doesn’t want to see someone play guitar with a boot?!  Their set included a lot of new material from their newest album “Not The Same” but unfortunately the set did not include their hit “Satisfied”.  However, it was one of the stronger sets I have seen from them in the 4 or 5 times I have seen them.

Next up was Seether, who I was convinced a ton of the crowd paid just to see them.  Seether shirts packed the house!  Seether started off their set with “Gasoline”, which is a fan favorite for hardcore and casual fans alike.  This song always seems like a perfect way for them to open their show.  Seether was….well, Seether.  Their show is always great but their lack of changing up their set is a bit of an annoyance.  I have seen Seether at least 6 times and the set is almost the same every time.  Now Seether have some GREAT hits, however, I feel like they should change up their set and include more deeper tracks such as “No Jesus Christ”, “Fur Cue”, and “See You At The Bottom”.  With all of that said, Seether is always great to see, everyone loves their hits and I really enjoyed them, but some change would be welcomed.

3 Doors Down was next and last act of the night.  Though Seether shirts packed the house, 3 Doors Down seemed to be THE band everyone was excited to see.  As the lights went out and Chet started playing the piano, everything went quiet, then chet started playing the intro to “Here Without You” and singer Brad Arnold started in on the song and the rest of the band followed shortly after.  Holy crap was this an awesome way to start the show or what?!  Rarely do you see a band open their set with one of their biggest songs, and not only that, but one of your slowest songs?!  That was such an awesome thing for them to do, the crowd was immediately into it and sang every word along with Arnold.  The band played all of the hits, of course, but also played 3 new tunes and a few deeper cuts.  The deeper cuts included my personal favorite song of theirs, “Changes”, which translated amazingly live.

Right before the band went into “Citizen/Soldier”, Brad asked the crowd for a moment of silence to remember the fallen Marines were who killed earlier that day.  This moment was one of the best of the night as you wouldn’t normally see an artist stop their show to pay tribute to something like that, it helps us all remember that these artists are real people as well and you could tell that Brad was REALLY into “Citizen/Soldier” when he started attacking the lines of the song.  The band ended their 18 song set with “Kryptonite” and “When I’m Gone”, which the crowd completely ate up!  I loved this show and I encourage everyone to catch this when and if it comes near your city!   by David Rader

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