STONE SOUR – House of Gold & Bones Pt.2

Stone Sour album review by Midwest Music Scene


So before I kick off this review I thought I would give a little bit of insight into the HOGAB. This is the second part of The House of Gold and Bones, part 1 was released late last year and part 2 was released April 09 2013. This is one big concept album following a hero by the name of “The Human”. This is the Story of The Human’s journey to The House of Gold and Bones and on this journey he meets other characters who come into play to try to stop our hero. So here we have the epic conclusion in the series which makes for one badass concept album!

So the album kicks off with one of my personal favorites titled “Red City”, Eerie piano and Corey Taylor’s haunting vocals/lyrics are the main focus here until the heavy bass kicks in giving us a feel of what to expect from the second half of this 2 part series. “Until the pages of this book are filled with emptiness I’m still suspended by a thread expecting nothing less I feel my kindred little ways I know how my story ends”. To me these lyrics help set this album up perfectly but what else do you expect from the mastermind behind both Slipknot and Stone Sour? Next we head off to “Black John” starting off with some creepy old time intro and suddenly bursting into some seriously awesome riffage from Jim Root and Josh Rand as Corey Taylor introduces us to a new character by the name of Black John! After the riff heavy “Black John” we get into “Sadist” probably one of the more powerful vocally and lyrically tracks on the album, another one of my favorites that keeps a steady pace leading with vocals and drums. A few tracks later we run into the crushing “Gravesend”, This song has one of the coolest grooves I have heard from Stone Sour, love the screaming in the chorus. A little later we hit “Do Me a Favor”, now when I first heard his I wasn’t too impressed, the chorus just didn’t do much for me but after hearing it in the full album it totally makes sense as to why it’s here! Up next we have my favorite track on this album and my favorite track of this epic 2 part series, “The Conflagration”, in my eyes this song is flawless, the piano, the strings, the vocals, they did no wrong here leading us up to the conclusion to our story! Starting off with the chant “RU486″ kicks of the title track “The House of Gold and Bones”, This song is riff heavy and a killer way to end the album!!

So in closing, this is Stone Sour’s best album in my opinion. This album has everything we have come to expect from our beloved Stone Sour, heavy riffs, killer drums, and amazing vocals from Corey Taylor! I suggest picking up this album and listening to it along with the first part of the series. I have been seeing that Stone Sour have been talking about a tour next year where they will play each city 2 nights and one night play the first half and second night they will play this monster so be on the look out for an announcement for that tour and go check this album out NOW!!